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Glass Buildings

Why Research Your Health Should Conduct Your Next Study

Research Your Health's clinical trials are performed
in accordance with all ICH-GCP and FDA standards.
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Glass Buildings
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Jeffrey Adelglass, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Founder, President and C.E.O. Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass is also a cosmetic surgeon/aesthetic injector and instructor, so beauty studies are quite popular at Research Your Health! RYH is a multispecialty clinical research study center, and conducts clinical trials with a wide variety of health indications.

Our Team

Our Experienced Team Consists of:
Experienced M.D.s

Full-time CRCs/CCRCs
Data Entry Coordinators

Dedicated Phlebotomists
Medical Assistants
Site Managers
IATA-Certified Personnel
Ongoing In-House GCP Training
Regulatory Specialist
Patient Recruitment Capabilities
Media Advertisement and Placement Capabilities
Community Outreach Capabilities
Scheduling Specialists

Site Amenities:

  •    CLIA Certified

  •    HIPAA Compliant

  •    IATA Certified

  •    IVR-Trained

  • ​   Onsite Laboratory

  •    PBMC Lab On-Site

  • ​   ECG/EKG

  •    Temperature-Controlled/Monitored,
       Dedicated Study Refrigerator & Freezers

  •    -20 C Freezer

  •    -80 C Freezer

  •    Dry Ice Access

  •    Stadiometer

  •    Centrifuge

  •    Double-Lock Drug Storage System
       (Temperature and Humidity Monitored)

  •    Designated Phlebotomy Station

  • ​   Secure on/offsite document storage
       (temperature and humidity monitored)

  •    X-ray Capabilities Nearby

  •    Monitoring Area with Internet

  •    Dedicated Fax Line

  •    Data Entry

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