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Who We Are

Our New, Dedicated Covid-19 Clinical Research Center in Plano, Texas

Research Your Health COVID Testing and Vaccine Study Centers will be opening soon to serve the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas metropolitan area. Research heroes (study volunteers and research staff to join our team) will soon be needed to help us fight the pandemic currently known as Covid-19.

Medical professionals in the North Texas region who would like to participate as a research investigator with Research Your Health should email a current curriculum vitae to: We are also currently seeking full-time experienced CCRCs, phlebotomists, vaccinators, and research study pharmacists. Some research-related training will be provided, but having some previous clinical trial or COVID testing/treatment experience is desirable.

Research Your Health is also seeking to build relationships with hospital medical centers and Long-Term Care facilities that are interested in participating in COVID-19 clinical trials. North Texas physicians interested in sharing COVID-19 study opportunities with their patient population are encouraged to contact for more information.

Some researchers and staff at Research Your Health have participated in hundreds of clinical trials over the span of 25 plus years or more. Every medical health trial conducted by Research Your Health is overseen by an ethical review board that reviews and approves the protocol for patient safety before it begins at our center. Our physician investigators are all experienced health professionals who have undergone years of specialized medical and clinical research training.