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Enrolling COVID-19 Vaccine Studies

There's Still So Much to Learn about COVID-19

After being accepted into a study, qualified research volunteers will be expected to return to the COVID-19 study center for follow-up monitoring and treatment visits for a specific period of time after vaccination visits or treatment visits. Some of these visits could be remote live visits using special medical live-chat software, or medical staff may even travel to your home if additional testing is needed.

Study clinicians will monitor all participants for common vaccination symptoms including soreness at the injection site or fever. Also, a team of medical doctors related to the specific study will meet regularly to review any unusual clinical trial data and any adverse medical responses reported to a research site.


Each investigational vaccine study's success will be measured for its strength and the effectiveness of immune response, as well as its long-term effectiveness and safety when used with various age, geographic, ethnic populations, at a variety of health levels.


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